Come, let’s grow the local food movement

The Local Food Movement needs you!


Yes, you! Farmer Cooperatives/Collectives, Farmer Markets, and CSAs, you are the future, the sustainable connection between rural producers of food and urban consumers.
We know you come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but allow us to give you reasons to sign up:

Cooperatives, Collectives & Farmers’ Markets

We understand the unique position of collectives of farmer-traders (and those that act on behalf of farmers): the double  jeopardy of sourcing and finding local patrons/eaters, and the delight in connecting with regulars who are aligned with your purpose and your philosophy.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Networks

If you’re helping run a CSA, you know how complicated it is to communicate with the several farmers who are contributing produce to the CSA as well as with your subscribers; to coordinate the various administrative and logistical tasks, from estimation of volume, to packaging, to delivery; and on top of it all, there’s the matter of doing the thing you love the most – tending to your farm.